4 tips if you think dental awards are worth it

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In the last two months no fewer than four of my clients have won significant national dental awards in the UK and Ireland. The question is do they actually do your practice any good or are they a waste of time and money?

The awards are free to enter, they typically take a serious amount of time to complete the application for each category and of course if you are a finalist (and you almost always are) you take a table at the gala dinner at circa £350 per head — minimum table size 10 places.

The event is always staged in an outstanding venue, black ties and beautiful long dresses, lots of photographers, goodish food, strobe lighting, live music, spectacular giant screens and stage. The atmosphere is really exciting, maybe not quite like the Grammies but you get the idea.

The list of categories for awards is long and as the evening wears on you are half expecting an award for the most improved car park or for the most outstanding bathroom. Having said that, you and your team will have a smashing evening. But is it worth all the effort?

What are the real costs?

  • preparation of the applications — takes serious time and effort
  • the table(s) at the gala dinner and dance
  • hotel and travel costs for your team
  • champagne on the night
  • disruption to your team roister

Why do it?

  • team motivation — enormous benefits, makes the team very proud, builds loyalty and a sense of belonging
  • genuine practice introspection — to apply for each of the categories you have to fully investigate each element
  • networking and recruitment — awareness massively impacts recruitment
  • marketing platform — opportunity for stand out messaging on social media, your website and all your marketing collateral including signage
  • gives the practice a recalibration and confidence

My view is that without a shadow of a doubt it’s worth every penny.


  1. apply for as many categories as possible, if not all, that way you will win at least two categories (and get multiple winner status)
  2. don’t be frightened to outsource a content person to write your application
  3. use as much evidence as possible including patient testimonials, video and lots of photos
  4. don’t enter every year, no more frequently than every two years but ideally every third year

If you would like help or guidance on how to get the most out your awards then please call me.



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“It makes the team very proud, builds loyalty and a sense of belonging “

Jonathan Fine, MD
Author: Jonathan Fine