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“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” Carl Jung

What a Spring. None of us will forget it. Spring is about rebirth and birth is painful and often traumatic. But also essential. And it’s only possible to confront the pain, in a sense, because there’s no way back. A friend’s post on LinkedIn was spot on: “who led the digital transformation of your company? a) CEO; b) CTO; c) COVID-19.

Some of you know that I’ve taken a step back from the dental sector to focus on my psychotherapy career. JJF suggested that I might be in a unique position to serve those of you who are in distress and could use emotional support. He might be right. I do have a feel for what you’re going through, having worked with dental associates and practice owners in the UK and ROI since 2013 as an interviewer, writer and video producer, and producer of Fine and Hive content.

There’s something in therapy called the frame of reference. A therapist needs to be able to see the world through the eyes of their client, feel what they feel and appreciate the nuanced pressures they’re under. The client needs to know their therapist gets them. It’s frustrating when your therapist has no idea what you’re on about and keeps asking you to explain obvious things that eat into your therapy time.

I know many principals will be feeling enormous stress through fear of the unknown and inexperience at running a business, let alone through a major recession, and that many more associates will be deeply concerned about where they will fit into the new world order. I’ve been working with Hive and Fine for years on anticipating that new world order. Yes, it’s arriving faster than we anticipated, but we will all navigate it together.

I’d like to offer free online counselling and psychotherapy consultations to the dental community to help in some small way.

Emotional support might be a valuable counterpart to the excellent practical advice on business survival you get from Fine and Hive. But life isn’t just business, and I would simply ask: when was the last time you gave your feelings a proper look in? By that I mean dedicated time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are avoiding your feelings it’s unlikely you’ll be making good choices.

If you’d like to make a start book your consultation with me by emailing [email protected] with FREE as the subject. See for more information, but don’t try booking through the site as you will be charged.

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“when was the last time you gave your feelings a proper look in?”

Zac Fine

Author: Zac Fine