goal setting & strategic planning

A plan is the most important thing when approaching change.

Once the wheels are in motion you won’t have much time to think, so we’ll help you develop a series of goals and deadlines, with strategies and tactics to meet them. This roadmap, which incorporates everything below, will be your lifeline.

Fee: £2,000 + VAT


  • 12 month support fee

what’s involved

One of the ways we help you to plan fearlessly is to ask you to imagine you have just sold to a corporate for over the odds, and have agreed to stay on as principal for three years on a guaranteed salary.

The corporate then asks you to grow your practice by at least 30 per cent in the next year but leaves the details up to you. What are the 10 things you would change or invest in to deliver this growth? Everyone enjoys this exercise; the question is why don’t you do these things in your practice right now?