Long-term planning is essential if you want to run a
successful dental practice.

Big decisions, risk and change are deeply uncomfortable for most people. Without the right support, good advice can become another source of pressure.

Fine Company carries the weight for dentists and health professionals in an increasingly competitive marketplace, giving them the tools for ongoing success.

Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see we’re behind some of the biggest success stories in UK dentistry.

practice analysis and planning day

Fee: £2,000 + VAT

  • All-encompassing business audit

  • Skype meeting with our management consultants

  • Bespoke evaluation and review of every area of your business

  • Detailed report within 48 hours of our meeting

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Turnover, profit, new patients, cost per acquisition; the numbers at each level of your business matter because they explain exactly where you are.

That’s why we begin with an analysis day, a kind of all-encompassing business audit. First, we’ll gather background information on you and your practice, including an online psychometric test and your personal goals for the next three to five years.

Next will be a Skype meeting to discuss the information and confirm the aims and objectives of the analysis day. The agenda will include identifying key practice objectives, developing strategies, identifying tactics that will deliver real results, and drawing up the implementation plan.

We will carry out a complete evaluation and review of every area of the business, from clients and treatments, to your website and social media presence. You can have complete confidence that every area of your business will be expertly examined, with real, practical recommendations forming the basis of your detailed, bespoke action plan.

Our report will be sent to the principal within 48 hours of the meeting. One week later we’ll do a follow up Skype to discuss implementation, answer any questions you may have for complete peace of mind, and consider how Fine Company can help going forward.

goal setting & strategic planning

Fee: 12-month support £2,000 per month + VAT

  • Help with developing business strategy, goals and deadlines

  • Monthly assistance and support, whenever you need it

A plan is the most important thing when approaching change.

Once the wheels are in motion you won’t have much time to think, so we’ll help you develop a series of goals and deadlines, with strategies and tactics to achieve them.

One of the ways we help you to plan fearlessly is to ask you to imagine you have just sold to a corporate for over the odds, and have agreed to stay on as principal for three years on a guaranteed salary.

The corporate then asks you to grow your practice by at least 30% in the next year, but leaves the details up to you. What are the 10 things you would change or invest in to deliver this growth? Everyone enjoys this exercise, but the question is why don’t you do these things in your practice right now?

implementation of change

Various fee packages available

  • 12-month support: £2,000 per month + VAT

  • People development with Fine consultants: £950 per day + VAT

  • People development with Fine trainers: £950 per day + VAT

The overriding driver behind making business, or indeed life decisions, is understanding and mitigating risk.

Calling in support from Fine Company is a great way to start the process. Our team have implemented change as clinicians and as consultants, and they have steered an extensive range of companies to safety, from Harley Street dental practices to multinational brands.

clinical modelling & treatment modalities

Fee: 12-month support £1,250 per month + VAT

  • Learn ways to leverage spare capacity in your practice

  • Develop KPI’s to monitor progress

  • Help with identifying areas for real improvement in profits

While there is no magic solution to increase profits, we can help you identify opportunities in your business where adjustments could be made.

Often, we see built-in waste around clinical modelling and treatment modalities, because resources have not been designated effectively.

Are your team, surgeries and equipment deployed properly? Do you know how much an empty surgery costs you each day?

Ways to leverage spare capacity in your practice are essentially treatment-led. Whether it’s as simple as increasing the volume of hygiene business, or improving the available number of treatments, it all depends on the available skill set of your practice.

There is no doubt that certain treatments are far more responsive to marketing than others (think facial aesthetics versus periodontics). It is also true that rapid incremental growth for a practice can be achieved through focus on particular groups of patients, who may have a higher tendency to purchase treatments like adult orthodontics and implants. We will work with you to identify areas where you can see real improvements in profits, with effective use of your existing resources.

people development

Various fee packages available

  • People development with Fine consultants: £1,570 per day + VAT

  • People development with Fine trainers: £985 per day + VAT

Bringing the team along for the ride can create lots of decisions. When is the best time to brief them? How much do you say?

A good business plan will tell you, and it will identify team development opportunities so that change is a positive experience for everyone. Real change in business requires genuine buy-in from team members. Fine Company runs team training days to communicate the right message, inspire each member of your team with the clarity of your vision, and to make sure they understand how it affects them for the better.

The team days are driven by a realistic, empathic pragmatism that is sensitive to the team profile, their skill set and the context of the practice.

process development

Various fee packages available

  • Detailed analysis of your systems and processes

  • A new approach that integrates financial and patient data

  • Smooth, integrated accounting and KPIs

Our experienced team take the lessons that have delivered proven results in other industries and apply them to dentistry.

For example, we’re pioneering a new approach that pulls your financial and patient data into one place in real time, for ease of reporting and accounts.

A successful company is driven by clear, refined processes. We will work with you to establish the most suitable procedures across every area of the business, ensuring your practice operates in an efficient and cohesive way.

Are you facing big decisions, risk and change? Book an analysis day with us.