clinical modelling & treatment modalities

There is no magic pill for more profit, only inefficiencies in your business (otherwise known as opportunities).

Very often we see built in waste around clinical modelling and treatment modalities because resources aren’t designated optimally.

Fee: 12-month support £1,250 per month + VAT

what’s involved

Are your team, surgeries and equipment deployed properly? Do you know how much an empty surgery costs you per day?

There are all sorts of ways to leverage spare capacity in your practice; they are essentially treatment-led. Whether it’s as simple as increasing the volume of hygiene business or increasing the available number of treatments depends on your practice’s available skill set.

There is no doubt that certain treatments are far more responsive to marketing than others (think facial aesthetics versus periodontics). It is also true that rapid incremental growth for a practice can be achieved through focus on particular cohorts of patients who may have a higher propensity to purchase treatments like adult orthodontics, implants and all on four. The pathway to these is establishing the skill set clinically and in terms of marketing and patient conversion.