Buying & Selling

When it comes to buying & selling,
fine company understand the complete picture

Retail site prices have been falling for a number of reasons – the 2008 crash, the increase in online retailing and the result of the EU referendum which has seen investors hold back. This is great news if you’re looking to acquire a dental practice, but price isn’t the only consideration.

You need to know you are investing in something safe, and there are a lot of moving parts to consider here, not least how consumers of dentistry are changing. It’s critical that you’re realistic about how the market’s going to look in your area when it’s time to sell, otherwise you could be in for a nasty shock. Our experienced team can help you understand the complete picture, so you can have complete confidence in your next move.

site finding

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  • Providing total visibility & control

  • Extensive investigations

  • Shot-listing of appropriate properties

Fine Company offers an end-to-end site finding service.

Alongside our due diligence work, we bring you total visibility and control as you make what is probably the biggest investment in your life.

Once we understand your brief, our research team carry out extensive investigations to create a shortlist of properties. Consideration is given to five key factors, including local competition and exit strategy (yes, this is an essential area to consider upfront). The shortlist then undergoes due diligence, so you’re presented with a clear and complete list of options.

Our experience means you benefit from a smooth, efficient service, with less stress and the peace of mind that you are not making a costly mistake at the start of your new venture. Once you have made your decision, we then begin to work on strategies to take your new business forward, safeguarding your future.

due diligence

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  • 6 Key Performance Indicators

  • Integration with accounting and CRM

  • Easy to digest infographics

A common concern for individuals buying or selling a practice is the time it can take to complete the transaction.

At Fine Company, our experts understand the compliance, accounting requirements and, crucially, the property side of acquisitions and disposals.

With our support, your project is seamless, coordinated, and you are in complete control. With our teams working side by side, completion can happen in three months, as opposed to the standard six or twelve month timescale. By helping you prepare, and handling the whole process, you benefit from less stress and inspire confidence and trust in the way you run your business.