Will your business manager take you to 2030?

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A good business manager (BM) in dentistry can seem chimeric. You can do your best to recruit the right person but then you can only hope and trust that they will deliver. That transition period leaves the owner vulnerable, because the BM is responsible for their stability and business growth. If your BM is a success your investment pays off and takes your business up a gear. Everything is scalable so you can begin to expand. 

On the other hand we’ve seen very well paid business managers bomb and cause serious damage, so we’ve learnt there is a premium on the right job description and post-appointment training before handing over the keys to your financial future. (There’s also a premium on being able to take action quickly if your BM isn’t the right fit.)

Our philosophy, which has emerged from working with the highest performing practices and small groups that are redefining the dental sector, is that your BM should be an intropreneur. Whereas the owner is a leader, always looking outward to the next horizon, the BM complements and supports them by bringing initiative, vision and drive inward, pulling everything together. A good BM is always developing the business from within.

We have developed a business manager course that we strongly advise practice owners to attend if they are planning to introduce the role into their business. The BM role, as we see it, is less prescribed and more personal than any other role bar leader. Your BM will be unique to your organisation because of the complexity within which they operate, so as well as practical learning there’s an emphasis on refining your own definition of the role. That makes a lot of sense if you are taking the first step, as an owner, in preparing your business for growth.

We’ve been working with BMs in dentistry for several years and it’s clear what the characteristics and outcomes of a successful one are. We’ve used our experience to design a course that focuses on these elements and provides new ways of achieving them. In a dental market that’s growing fast and shows no sign of slowing down — with truly extraordinary opportunities for entrepreneurial practice owners to outperform the sluggish corporporates and redefine the market, as our clients are now doing across the UK and Ireland — there couldn’t be a better time to invest in your BM. If you intend to still be in business in 2030 I’d suggest this course is mandatory. Here’s an outline.



Running in Cornwall in 2020 on:

  • 11-13 March

To book a place email [email protected].


£3,000 + VAT (£2,000 + VAT for Fine Company clients)


To develop a practical and personal management improvement plan with accountability.


Learn to build and implement your own business plan to deliver growth with a range of business management tools. Learn practical knowledge, understanding Key Performance Indicators that we have specialised for the dental practice. Understand the economics of running a dental practice, where the best margins are (still poorly understood by many practice owners and BMs), and how marketing systems work. Understand the business model canvas of your practice: what do you have to work with, what are the essential characteristics of your business that can be leveraged for growth?

Who should attend

  • Experienced practice managers who wish to move up to business manager 
  • Managers from outside the clinical world 
  • Principals who want to recruit a BM

The team 

Workshop director 1 — Jonathan Fine (JJF) 

Workshop director 2 — Dan Fine


Accommodation is at the 5 star St Michaels Hotel & Spa​. All meetings and meals are across the road at The Rathgowry.


Day one (3pm – 6pm)

  • Introductions
  • What is a business manager?
  • Management issues

7pm Evening meal with guest speaker

Day two (9am – 6pm)

  • KPIs/ Marketing Systems
  • Dental Economics
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Presentation preparation

7pm Evening meal

Day three (9am – 12pm)

  • Presentations
  • Summary and close

“A good BM is always developing the business from within”


Author: Jonathan Fine