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This week one of my clients sent me a video by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) that I think nails the message that practices with Specialist Orthodontists in the UK and Ireland should be sending out.

It’s short and punchy, conveying a simple idea: normal people are really bad at specialist tasks like pottery throwing, cake decorating and orthodontics. The video shows normal people having a go with hilarious results, while the pros quietly nail it.

If you are a Specialist Orthodontist or have one on your books I think you should commission your own version of this video. Find a similarly entertaining way to say that patients are better off seeing a Specialist Orthodontist. We can do this for you if you need help.

The AAO has put out other videos which are worth mining too. This animation with a voiceover has had more than 22m views.

It’s under a minute long and uses FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to make the case for the orthodontic specialism. It begins: “When it comes to a smile there’s no such thing as a shortcut. Straightening your teeth is a complex biological process which means that you need a specialist to ensure it’s done right…”

It lists two risks associated with using a non-specialist or a DIY home straightening kits:

  • Irreversible damage to your smile
  • Higher costs

This is simple messaging that’s easy for potential patients to digest and remember. Why not do some of your own, especially for dissemination on social media?

Here’s another good one from the AAO.

The AAO says that sending some of these videos out on social media generated a major uplift in traffic to its consumer website. The videos, as paid ads, appeared on mobile devices more than 125m times and the AAO saw a 1,800% increase in Facebook followers.

AAO consumer website traffic

The AAO has published extensive consumer guidelines on its webpage Questions to Consider When Researching Direct-To-Consumer Orthodontic Companies that you could use as a resource for your website copy and blogs too.

If you’d like to raise your profile as a provider of Specialist Orthodontics this year and want some help putting together a campaign, get in touch.


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“This is simple messaging that’s easy for potential patients to digest and remember.”

Author: Jonathan Fine