A video’s worth 1.8 million words

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A video’s worth 1.8 million words  By Zac Fine. November 25, 2016.

In the past year our photography and video team has been producing more and more patient and clinician videos, which comes as a result of tracking website visitor behavior. It’s an established fact that it’s easier to achieve a page one ranking on Google with a video — 50 times easier according to Forrester Research, who say one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

We believe video is now the preeminent tool for new patient website visitor conversion, and some of our clients are experiencing 15 per cent conversion on visitors to their sites primarily because of its power. Online videos that deliver new patients must do three things: 1. Communicate what’s special about your practice in terms of atmosphere, people and facilities, 2. Make people trust you by speaking in a way they understand, 3. Tell the truth — patient to patient videos that tell it like it is are far more compelling than smiley plastic fairy stories.

Our unscripted approach brings out really authentic and spontaneous moments with clinicians and patients that are impossible to contrive. When our video team comes to do a day of shooting at your practice these moments, above all else, are what we are looking for, and we always get them.

Don’t just think about using videos on your website, send them to enquirers who are not ready to make an appointment and would find a patient testimonial helpful and reassuring, or paste them into new patient appointment confirmation emails to show them the clinician they will be seeing.

Why are online videos so good at delivering new patients? Firstly they are extremely user friendly. Your website visitor can go to the treatment they’re interested in, watch one of your patients describing their experience and click on another video to see whether they like the dentist who gave the treatment.

But the real return on investment begins when you have testimonial videos for all your treatment modalities and clinicians — then you’ll see your conversion rate from enquiry to appointment climb to 80 per cent and beyond. The aim is to send each person who calls, emails, tweets or submits details on your website a video tailored to their profile. According to Implix, videos boost email click-through rates by 96 per cent.

Then add your enquirer’s details to a treatment-specific mailing list that automatically sends out further videos at monthly intervals. When they are ready, your enquirer will come in because you will be front of mind, and they will know you and trust you. We can do all this for you.

For a sense of how important online videos are for customer acquisition, here’s some stats:

  • people who view videos on websites are 64 times more likely to buy
  • people spend 88 per cent more time on websites with videos
  • videos are shared 1,200 per cent more than text and links
  • 90 per cent of people say videos help when deciding to buy
  • videos will account for 70 per cent of mobile traffic by 2021, an increase of 55 per cent
  • online video spend is growing by 13.5 per cent a year in the UK and now exceeds TV advertising

If you’d like some tips on how to make your own videos, check out our video tips.


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“Our unscripted approach brings out authentic moments”

Zac Fine, content director

Author: Zac Fine