Bupa’s made the acquisition of the decade

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Bupa’s made the acquisition of the decade    By Jonathan Fine. November 23, 2016.

Imagine a world without M&S, Ikea, easyJet, Tesco or Specsavers; in some respects that’s how the dental landscape looked in the UK and Ireland — until now.

Bupa is buying Oasis for £835m and it will prove to be the shrewdest acquisition of the decade. Sit back and watch Bupa leverage its trusted and much respected consumer brand across the weakly branded, almost anonymous Oasis network, while hundreds of thousands of Bupa customers now access a Bupa dental practice as part of their membership.

This is a historic sea change for UK dentistry because it signals the birth of a national consumer dental chain with a powerful and trusted brand packing all the values and integrity that make consumers feel warm and positive.

Bupa has been steadily growing its presence in dentistry and as of November 2016 had 40 practices but now, supplemented by the assets of the second largest dental provider in the sector (380 practices and 420 clinics serving two million patients), it has trounced its rivals in the UK’s rapidly growing £7.1bn dental market. No doubt there will be a Bupa near your practice… Are you up to the challenge?


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“Sit back & watch Bupa leverage its trusted and much respected consumer brand”

Jonathan Fine, MD

Author: Jonathan Fine