Leaders aren’t born, they’re made

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Jonny and Dan Fine are excited. They’ve developed a powerful 3 day workshop that will objectively evaluate you as the leader of your practice[s] and then provide you with the knowledge to enable you to become more effective by:

  • developing a leadership style that is unique to you
  • but makes use of important tried and tested leadership tools

Leadership and you 
Cornwall | July 11/12/13/14 & October 10/11/12/13
Location: St Michaels Spa Hotel, Falmouth [Newquay airport transfers will be arranged]

This is an intense 3-and-a-half day workshop, with no more than 7 participants on each event. Please read carefully the experiences of 5 delegates who attended our March event.

Sue Bessant Managing Director | Wired Orthodontics & Wired Education

“The leadership weekend with Jonathan and Dan was for me invaluable and a very positive experience. Being surrounded by other business owners who understood the isolation and challenges of leading a team in good times and less good ones was amazing, with everyone being incredibly supportive of each other. The exercises helped us unearth some deeply rooted issues which  identified road blocks to our personal and business development and allowed us to develop a detailed action plan to take away. Lots of laughter, a few tears and heartfelt hugs with a bunch of true new friends. But most importantly an amazing energy and confidence to take home and act on.

Dr Jonathan Cochrane  Principal | Bristol Dental Practice

I can wholeheartedly say that Fine Company’s leadership weekend will be insightful, enlightening and worthwhile. It helped me to discover my why… why do I want to create the best dental business I can, and why do I want to succeed as a leader? It also taught me how to hone and perfect my business vision, thereby allowing me to feel confident in sharing this with my team. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”

Dr Cormac Shields Managing Director | Shields Dental & Implant Clinic

“Me and Conor, my partner and twin, found the 4 days in Cornwall powerful and truly game changing personally and by implication for our growing business. Conor and myself have always been motivated and driven as clinicians but in truth have struggled with business focus and with leadership, particularly for our non-clinical teams. Without the leadership course that feeling of frustration within day to day practice would have continued. The leadership workshop will equip you with the organisation and people skills to deal with these issues and free you up to focus on strategy and vision. As a result of our time with Jonny and Dan I can honestly say we now both have the focus and the tools to lead Shields into an exciting future.”

Dr Patrick Rae  Principal | Sandown Dental & Implant Clinic

“I recently attended a leadership course held in Falmouth by Fine Company’s Jonathan and Dan. Usually I am reluctant to attend this type of course as in the past those that I have been on tend to be a prescriptive list of the things required to become a “Good Leader”. They tend to be someone else’s perception of what makes a good leader and if you put A, B and C in place then you too will become a good leader. Obviously I attended with some scepticism and reluctance. I am very glad I did, Jonathan and Dan started by dismantling our own ideas of leadership and made us look at ourselves in detail. This inward reflection allowed me to construct a model of leadership that suited me, one shoe does not fit all. During an intense, cathartic and sometimes very emotional 3 days I came away enthused, rebuilt and with a better understanding of my bespoke leadership model. I now have a direction and purpose with regards the practice and feel that there has been a lot more engagement with my staff since the course. I believe that I now have a skill set that will allow me to drive the business forward to success.

Dr Rob Slater  Specialist Orthodontist and Principal | One Devonshire Place

“Wherever you are on your business journey and whether you are running a small or large business, this course is a great way to reflect on your own style of leadership. It helped me to build a solid foundation for the future of my business, what I would like to achieve and how to start planning that process. The course was challenging while being fun and engaging; Jonathan and Dan looked after us very well throughout.”

Jonathan Fine

JJF is a renowned marketing strategist with an entrepreneurial flair and a big group background. His knowledge of the dental and health sector, combined with decades of retail experience, has made him incredibly valuable to practice owners in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Dan Fine

Dan comes from a sales and marketing background which led him to start his own telecoms business in 2010. Through this experience Dan developed a much broader interest in business as a whole, with a particular focus on leadership and business model innovation.

JJF 10

If you’d like to discuss whether this course is right for you call me on 07860 672727. JJF

Author: Zac Fine