Are less than 4% of your website users making enquiries? Request a free website review and we’ll report in 48 hours

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Is your website converting enough visitors into new patients for you? Do you actually know what your conversion rate is for that matter? It’s pretty simple to work out, just take a look at your analytics or ask the person managing your website to give you:

  1. Total unique visitors per month
  2. Total enquiries via your website per month

If less than four per cent of your traffic is making an enquiry, something is wrong. So what do you do next? Email me for a free website assessment to find out what’s wrong within 48 hours.

Our website assessments are quite straightforward. We go through a checklist to evaluate how your website compares to best practice. We stay neutral and keep out of matters of taste.

Our website reviews cover:

  • Site speed test
  • Uptime
  • Evaluation of
    • Uptime
    • Hosting
    • Copy legibility
    • Call to actions (are there enough, and are they clear and strong?)
    • Visual appeal (is there strong imagery and nice text at the right size?)
    • Video functionality (do videos play when you click them, are they embedded properly and sized correctly?)
    • Menu format (does it make sense to the user?)
    • Page flow and user experience
    • Any misleading design (does anything look clickable that isn’t?)
    • Any areas where messaging is confusing or too vague (is it obvious what you’re saying?)
    • Opportunities for more engaging, succinct content
    • Suggestions on how to make more of your existing content
    • Opportunities for layout improvements
    • Opportunities to incorporate patient feedback
    • Any style inconsistencies
    • Any important omissions such as opening hours
    • Your blog
  • Full mobile site review

So where do bad websites fall down? It can be a number of things. First we’ll check your loading speed, because if your site is slow it affects your ranking and user experience.

If things are overlapping on the page or there are broken links it doesn’t bode well for converting users, so we’ll make a note of any instances of these on desktop and mobile.

Then we’ll check your creative collateral — is the site visually appealing with strong imagery and nice text? Is it obvious what you’re saying? And are your CTAs working like they should — a loud and clear call to action every time, in the right spot on the page? Functionality and user experience are equally important.

Websites can also fall down on bad hosting. We can usually fix issues with speed, loading or uptime (when your site is up and working as it should) if it is built in WordPress. We do this by simply transferring it to a new host and you can try before you buy — we use the WP Engine, the Rolls Royce of hosting.

So there’s no longer any need to wonder about your website. Find out if there are any problems holding it back from doing its job in 48 hours for free with our website review service. To request a review contact me on the email below with your website URL.

Best wishes

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“If your site is slow it affects your ranking and user experience. Try our new hosting before you buy to see the difference”

Sarah Leverton, creative director

Author: fineco