Facial aesthetics workshop    

Making it work in your practice — a day on site with Martina Collins & Jonathan Fine

Martina Collins Dental & Skin Clinic



Thursday 27th April 09.30-16.00

This event aims to help principals fast track the introduction of FA to their practice and covers:

  • The size of the opportunity (there are multiple segments)
  • A clear insight into the cost base and profitability by treatment type
  • Generating new patients — the marketing system
  • Ethical standards and managing patients’ expectations
  • The context and catchment for the proposition
  • Patient profiles
  • The patient journey
  • The team
  • The facilities
  • Investment required
  • Minimum clinical skill sets
  • Repeat behaviour and ultimate patient value
  • Why it will work for you

There will be lots of time for questions and interactions — this is a very practical workshop with a small number of delegates.

£630 + VAT per practice includes two places

Tickets: [email protected] | T +44 (0) 1326 330 500



About Martina

For anyone who is not familiar with the dental practice scene in Belfast, it is crowded and highly competitive with some very talented clinicians. Against this backdrop and wanting to create a new market space and become a disrupter, in March 2015 Martina launched Martina Collins Dental & Skin Clinic. Within 18 months her business had full diaries and an impressive P&L, trading like a squat that had been established for 10+ years. Her secret is the provision of premium advanced facial aesthetics for both males and females within an age range of 27 to 77. Martina will show you how she’s done it and outline the essential ingredients you need to build a successful and highly profitable FA practice. Martina was one of the speakers at our Dental Disrupters event last year — here’s what she said.


Martina’s secret is the provision of premium advanced facial aesthetics

Author: Zac Fine