Where did all the dental software suppliers go?

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Where did all the dental software suppliers go?   By Robert Powell. May 24, 2017.

Last time I looked there were about 20 active dental software companies operating in the UK, plus a smattering of US based cloud solutions.

However, having attended the Dentistry Show the other day, only five were present as far as I could see: Software of Excellence, Carestream, Status Point, Admor and iSmile.

Most of these were focusing on practice management solutions, with their own slant. But there was hardly anything new and exciting.

Software of Excellence majored on driving increased practice performance and business through KPIs and marketing tools.

Carestream too was offering an updated version of their real time KPI module Springboard, as well as R4 Mobile, which lets you connect to your practice management system from your phone.

Status Point launched its compliance software.

Admor, with its DentalPlus software, was offering online booking.

iSmile was providing practices with a patient portal option.

But where is the buzz? Where are the disrupters in the market, the new technology mousetrap that is long overdue? And where did the rest of the suppliers go?

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“And where is the new technology mousetrap that is long overdue?”

Robert Powell, director of performance reporting

Author: Robert Powell