practice analysis & planning day

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Turnover, profit, new patients, cost per acquisition: the numbers at each level of your business matter because they explain where you are, and they never lie.

That’s why we begin with an analysis day, a kind of all encompassing business audit.

Fee: £2,000 + VAT


  • All encompassing business audit
  • Skype meeting with our management consultants
  • Bespoke evaluation and review of every area of your business
  • Detailed report within 48 hours of our meeting

what’s involved

First we’ll gather background information on you and your practice, ask you to do an online psychometric test and ask you to state your personal goals for the next three to five years. This will be followed by a Skype meeting to discuss the information and confirm the aims and objectives of the analysis day, a full day on-site within which our agenda will be:

  1. Personal SMART (specific/measurable/achievable/realistic/time bound) objectives of the principal
  2. Practice context – strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats
  3. Practice SMART objectives
  4. Strategies to deliver objectives
  5. Supporting tactics for each strategy
  6. Implementation plan


A detailed action plan will be sent to the principal within 48 hours of the meeting. One week later we’ll do a follow up Skype to discuss implementation and how Fine Company can help going forward. The purpose of an analysis day is to agree objectives and build a practical plan by treatment type within an agreed time scale. We will therefore:


  1. Evaluate and review internal selling of additional treatments
  2. Evaluate and review patient referring patient processes
  3. Evaluate and review inbound handling of new patient enquires
  4. Evaluate and review treatment tracker and supporting protocols
  5. Evaluate current search ranking under all major treatment terms
  6. Evaluate current social media presence
  7. Evaluate current website and conversion performance
  8. Investigate and present additional traffic driving opportunities