Leadership capital: how much do you have?

by Leadership

I sometimes struggle trying to explain to my clients how to maintain goodwill and buy-in from your team. How to be seen to go the extra mile consistently. Some leaders have the incredible ability to effortlessly inspire their team and receive unconditional loyalty even when the going gets really tough. For the rest of us it’s quite a challenge.

The technique I have used to manage my leadership goodwill or capital for the past 40 years is to think of it in terms of a simple bank account. If I am constantly investing and saving up by motivating and charming my team, my leadership capital is considerable and my capital account is bursting with credit; if I keep drawing on it with extra demands or by not recognising my team members’ individual hard work I will quickly run into overdraft. Very soon this will translate into poor outcomes.

I appreciate that this may sound a tad simplistic but honestly it works, although you do have to discipline yourself to build that capital. My favourite way of doing this is by ‘finding them at it’. We generally think the phrase means finding someone doing something wrong. Reverse it — find them doing something great, then make a song and dance about it and watch your leadership capital rocket. Do it consistently and you will be amazed at how your team becomes hooked on adulation. It’s a virtuous circle, everybody wins.

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“We generally think ‘finding them at it’ means finding someone doing something wrong. Reverse it”


Author: Jonathan Fine