You can conservatively expect new patient traffic growth of 30% from our basic SEO, PPC and social media services

However, clients who commit to investing more have seen far greater return on investment.

Read on to find out more about what’s involved.

Fee: from £650 per month + VAT

What’s Involved

Technical SEO

We can work on new or existing websites, to technically optimise the website so it is user friendly, fast and ticks all of the boxes required by Google. These include over 50 checks, but the common ones will be:

<title> tag optimisation
Internal link weigh sculpturing
Content review
Error checking
Https checks
Server checks
Page speed optimisations
Video optimisation
Code optimisation

Once these changes have been made, ranking progress can be seen as early as a week.

Outreach Services

In order to sustain and grow traffic, your key phrases need to increase with Google. If left alone rankings could steadily decrease. Authority and trust need to be built into the site, so Google can recognise your website as being authoritative and therefore place you at the top of the search engine results. This is done by building mentions and links into your website from other relevant websites such as health and family related websites.

Google Maps

Dental practices rely heavily on localised search, so positioning yourself high on Google maps is essential. Fine Online can optimise your Google business page and build mentions into this page which will help increase your position. Being in the top 3 results is essential, as this will usually gain you a position above the natural rankings on page 1 for the chosen search terms.


Unlike PPC, SEO takes time. Usually 6 to 12 months to see significant progress. But when rankings start to increase, many multiple-word searches, known as ‘long-tail phrases’, will also rank. It’s not uncommon to see a steep traffic curve from months 6 to 9 and then even further increases from month 9 to 12.

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Case Study: Exeter Dental Centre

Exeter Dental Centre went from £450,000 turnover to £2,450,000 in less than 4 years

Find out how they achieved this with our support.

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