Perhaps the most important long term lens to assess you business through is the tax one.

If you’ve been limiting the drive for efficiency to the surgery, you have been unnecessarily limiting the potential of your business.

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what’s involved

The gains in profitability you can make with tax planning are significant.

Your average retrospective approach to practice accounts simply can’t deliver these gains. We’ll ask you to join us in a much more hands-on relationship, where everything happening in your business is leveraged for the better.

Did you know that earnings between £100k and £120k are taxed at 62%? Fortunately, there are many things you can do with this £12k rather than incur it as a loss, just as there are ways to mitigate all the other nuances in the byzantine tax system.

Our experts will take the time to optimise your tax position to really drive your business forward.

Case Study: Exeter Dental

Exeter Dental wanted to increase turnover from circa 450k to £3m within in 5 years of purchase – with a clear exit option.

Read about how we helped them to achieve that.

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