monthly accounts

Everyday cash flow problems sink good businesses every day.

It’s a shame, because cash flow should be the last thing you’re worrying about. With our monthly accounts, any danger will be mitigated in good time.

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what’s involved

It’s a case of responsive accounting rather than the fusty old retrospective kind.

We provide an easy to use online bookkeeping and payroll service, monthly management accounts and a year-end financial report.

This enables you to accurately understand how you are trading every four weeks and understand your cash situation with an ongoing cash flow projection, highlighting any potential problems or opportunities. All this information dovetails into our suite of six KPIs.

Case Study: Crocodile Orthodontics

NCOC wanted to capitalise on the growing private adult and children’s demand for orthodontic treatment.

Find out how we helped them create Crocodile Orthodontics.

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