site finding

Fine Company offers an end-to-end site finding service. Connecting perfectly with our due diligence work, we bring you total visibility and control as you make what is probably the biggest investment in your life.

Your investment needs to succeed, and it will — but only if you know what information to look for, and get it.

Fee: by quote

what’s involved

The five most important factors when finding a retail site for your dental practice are location, local competition, hidden costs, planning permission and your exit strategy (yes, you really do need to be thinking about your exit as you’re going in).

Once we have your brief, our research team evaluates key criteria and builds a shortlist of properties, which then undergo due diligence so you’re presented with clear information. It speeds things up, cuts the stress and protects you from making costly mistakes at the start of your new business venture.

There’s so much information to analyse that hiring a team of experts at this stage can’t fail to save you considerable time and money. We can then begin to work on strategies to take your new business forward, safeguarding your future.

Case Study: Exeter Dental

Exeter Dental wanted to increase turnover from circa 450k to £3m within in 5 years of purchase – with a clear exit option.

Read about how we helped them to achieve that.

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