due diligence

Anybody approaching a practice disposal or acquisition has to think of it as a project. It’s critical that it has an end date, which you will need in order to make sense of everything.

You can go from shop window to transfer of ownership in three months if everything’s transparent and in order, otherwise expect the usual six months to a year, or more. So why wait?

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what’s involved

You can transform a transaction by being ready. It affects the speed, confidence and trust, and speaks volumes about the way you run your business.

Unfortunately what a lot of people do is rush in and make a bid, or accept a bid, and then let their lawyer handle the byzantine paperwork around everything to do with the property, goodwill valuation, stock, employment contracts, equipment, and fixtures and fittings. Or they try and muddle through themselves. Both are really bad ideas.

At Fine Company we understand the compliance side, the accounting side and, crucially, the property side. We have leading experts in dental software, marketing, accounting and site finding in one place, so your project is coordinated and seamless because the transfer of relevant knowledge happens automatically.

That means we get to set the terms of the project (meaning big things like the end date) on your behalf. No one gets to hijack it, and you get control.

Case Study: Buttercup 7 day dental

Fine Company developed an informal, child-friendly brand, with the website and interior design centred on this unique practice’s ability to make patients feel at ease.

Read about how we helped them achieve their goals.

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