Meet the dental disrupters

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Meet the dental disrupters

Fine Talk September 23

Imagine how it feels to create epoch defining propositions like Ikea, Travelodge, B&Q, Specsavers and Amazon. There has to be a killer proposition in dentistry, but what is it? Find out what the seven disrupters below are doing and more importantly what they plan to do at the first in a series of CPD accredited Fine Talks, chaired by Jonathan Fine of Fine Company. 

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10am to 4pm

Suite 2, Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Coventry CV6 6GE

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Dominick Flanagan and David Harman — Centre For Dentistry. CFD operates 25 dental practices inside Sainsbury’s stores. It is a truly pioneering format bringing a full service to patients in an accessible, modern environment. The proposition is one of convenience, price transparency, great clinical standards plus a good helping of warmth and empathy. Co-founder Dominick pioneered home shopping in the UK and was a director of Somerfield; IT director David has masterminded warehouse management systems and transactional systems for a number of well known high street names. Together they took their insights to build a revolutionary patient management system, CFI. This new cloud based system provides granular, real time information with access wherever you are in the world. Dentistry is about change on so many fronts — Dominick and David will explain what they’ve learnt during four years of innovation at CFD.


Dr Martina Collins — MD of Martina Collins Dental & Skin Clinic. For anyone who is not familiar with the dental practice scene in Belfast, it is crowded and highly competitive with some very talented clinicians. Against this backdrop and wanting to create a new market space and become a disrupter, in March 2015 Martina launched Martina Collins Dental & Skin Clinic. Just 18 months later her business has full diaries and an impressive P&L. It trades like a squat that has been established for 10+ years. Her secret, which she is more than happy to share, is the provision of premium advanced facial aesthetics for both males and females within an age range of 27 to 77. Martina will outline the five essential ingredients you need to build a successful and highly profitable FA practice.


Robert Powell — director of performance reporting at Fine Company. Although Robert did not invent the phase “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it” he might as well have done. The former managing director of SOE has spent a business lifetime helping dental practices perform better. Robert knows how difficult and sometimes meaningless looking at a spreadsheet full of numbers can be, particularly for a practice owner who is working 4+ clinical days a week. He appreciates the need for a simple, easy to use platform in dentistry that collates production, marketing and bookkeeping. Robert will present a simple dashboard of just six KPIs that represent the performance of your business in real time, helping you run your practice more profitably.


John Anderton — MD of Digital Dental. Enabling patients to try before they buy makes dentistry a lot less scary, particularly high value treatments such as implant supported dentures. John has spent more than 15 years helping dentists install open source 3D imaging technology that improves patient journeys in this way. He will explain how combined 3D data provides an artefact-free model including bone, crowns and soft tissue for restoration-initiated implant planning and surgical guide manufacturing and is analysed for orthodontic treatment plans. The patient gets to see a full 3D representation of their mouth without uncomfortable impressions and they can try on mock-ups, making any adjustments they feel necessary before permanent work begins. The upshot is less lab work, quicker treatment times, less invasive dentistry and a more informed patient, which is why top tier practices are lining up to integrate this 3D digital workflow.


Dr David Murnaghan — owner of Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic. Despite being just 33 David is a well known implantologist in Ireland. When he bought his own practice in Navan, County Meath, three years ago the turnover was less than €60k. Today it’s €1.4m and the practice has moved from miserable premises (his words) above a former bank to a state of the art converted courthouse in the centre of town with six surgeries. Boyne Dental is an efficient business; whenever patients or clinicians ask for something at reception it gets done quickly. David’s secret is his exceptional team, both clinical and non-clinical. The waterpolo team captain is a great communicator who knows how to build teams and also how not to — expect a full appraisal of this core leadership role.


Andrew Sutton FBDO MSHAA — formerly of SpecSavers. Andrew spent 25 years with optical market leaders Specsavers and at one point ran four stores each with a £1.5m turnover. Andrew was also responsible for Specsavers’ introduction of hearing aid services, Specsavers’ initial sponsorship of rugby referees, and professional development initiatives. Andrew has a vision for dentistry and a view as to where the opportunities lie — he will be describing the kind of business model that he believes would best leverage these opportunities. Andrew will draw on his experience at Specsavers to suggest that the joint venture partnership is going to be dentistry’s first true killer proposition because it will serve seasoned entrepreneurial practitioners and young practitioners who want the support of others while building their own business.


The first in a series of CPD accredited Fine Talks, chaired by Jonathan Fine

Author: Zac Fine