Making your management software purchase easier

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Making your software decision easier    By Robert Powell. July 27, 2016.

More than three quarters of practice owners have management software installed and the main ways they choose it are clinical need, peer recommendation and word of mouth.

But choosing can be headache. Comparing brands takes time and often raises new questions you hadn’t thought of. These days fewer dentists are swayed by advertising and sales reps, but they still need to make a choice.

In the upcoming August edition of Dentistry magazine I will be publishing the first in a series of product reviews in partnership with the magazine, designed to make this really important decision easier for you.

At a glance you’ll be able to compare leading dental practice management systems on features like price, the number of UK clients they have, practice size suitability and practice type suitability.

I’ve surveyed the whole market and think you’ll benefit from the research but if you’re in the market for new management software and can’t wait till August give me a ring, I’d love to help you make the right choice. I can also visit your practice and review your current systems to make a recommendation for you if needed.


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“In partnership with Dentistry magazine I’ve compared all the leading dental practice management systems”

Robert Powell, head of performance reporting

Author: Robert Powell