7 must haves for your associate contract

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7 must haves for your associate contract    By Sunita Jordan. August 17, 2016.

Associates in dental practice can have the best of both worlds — earning money to do what they are trained to do without the headache of running a business.

But today’s associate is tomorrow’s practice owner, so it’s worth remembering the old motto

“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

First and foremost get a contract together, even if you have been working without one for some time. And ensure that the contract contains the following:

  1. How the licence fee is to be paid. Is it on a sliding scale basis? Is it different for private and NHS work? Is it clear what the UDA rate and target is?
  2. How bad debts are dealt with. Will they be split between the associate and the practice owner or will one party bear all of them?
  3. The equipment and staff provided. The practice owner is the ultimate employer of staff and associates need to be aware of this.
  4. Retention fees and restrictions on practising after the contract has ended. This is the cause of most disputes and so it is essential for both parties that they are reasonable. Remember the motto!
  5. Locum arrangements for when you are going to be away from the practice.
  6. What is required from you to meet CQC compliance regulations.
  7. Most importantly, in order to protect your self-employed status, ensure that there are clauses relating to tax and national insurance contributions and clinical freedom.

If you need any advice on your associate contract, whether as an associate or practice owner, contact me on 07770 435375.

Sunita Jordan — legal consultant to Fine Company


“Ensure there are clauses relating to tax and national insurance and clinical freedom”

Sunita Jordan, legal consultant to Fine Company

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