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project description


Martina was working for a large practice for many years – for a number of reasons she wanted her own shop.


To build a facial aesthetics led dental practice.


Become the best and most well known facial aesthetics provider in Belfast. Focus on creating a retail cosmetic feel.



Today Martina dominates the facial aesthetics market in Belfast along with a flourishing dental practice.
For more information you can talk to Martina on 028 9066 6684 or visit www.martinacollins.com


  • Adapt the consultation process
  • Get away from the dental exam, charge a consultation fee to allow safe practice, a cooling off period, and also protects the business financially
  • Create a unique patient journey
  • Make it easy to get in touch
  • Refreshments and friendly staff on site
  • After care contact and next day follow up contact
  • Testimonials, including videoing patients for the website
  • Sending cards, flowers and M&S vouchers to patients who bring in word of mouth referrals
  • Asking for online reviews from every patient via SurveyMonkey.
  • Getting the team right, including not requiring the front of house team to wear clinical attire
  • Social media activity – upload videos and keep it constant, doing about five Instagram posts a week and five Facebook posts. One uploaded video on Instagram of a makeup artist having her lips augmented had 40,000 views.