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project description


Exeter Dental was a very mature, tired private dental practice in desperate need of resuscitation.


To take turnover from circa 450k to £3m within in 5 years of purchase – with a clear exit option.


Become the ‘disrupter’. Before the acquisition EDC, along with the other dental practices in Exeter, enjoyed an informal cartel that worked for everybody apart from the customers.

The top strategy was to become the leading dental brand in Exeter by adopting a retail approach to the market and becoming patient-centric.



Goal achieved within the time line and the business was sold in May 2017.
For more information visit www.exeterdentalcentre.co.uk


  • Open 7 days
  • Embrace the retail concept
  • Create an effective management team
  • Build a robust performance reporting system
  • Appoint a business trained general manager
  • Increase the number of treatment modalities
  • Drive all patient inbound and outbound traffic through a dedicated business hub, away from reception
  • Re-brand, new website / signage etc..
  • Dominate digital marketing
  • Win awards to raise profile