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project description


Gerwyn and Angela owned a small NHS practice on the 2nd floor of a Glasgow tenement building. The practice was in a gentle decline although it was providing an acceptable level of income.


Grow to £750k sales within 3 years.


Sell the NHS practice and open a retail-orientated, front line dental practice.


The practice is on track to achieve the goals set in the timescale outlined.
For more information please contact Buttercup 7 Day Dental on 0141 334 4550 or visit www.buttercup7daydental.co.uk


  • Be a ‘disrupter’ – open 7 days
  • Locate in high traffic location on a retail strip with parking
  • 1500 sq. ft format – 3 surgerys with space for a 4th / de-con room / team room / business hub and patient lounge
  • Create a retail ‘energetic’ dental brand that appeals to all – young / old / family / singles
  • Create a memorable retail environment – feels like a coffee shop
  • Create remarkable patient journey
  • New web site / signage
  • Invest heavily in search and social media marketing
  • launch 48 sheet poster campaign in the catchment area
  • Sell up from NHS base